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Gravel and Rock

Pit Run-Beaver Loop Pit Pit Run-Funny River Pit Screened Sand-Beaver Loop Pit


3/4 inch screened Small Sewer Rock Large Sewer Rock Landscape Rock

Categories of Gravel
          Pit Run (unprocessed gravel)
          Screened and sized  
          Crushed and washed
          Screened and crushed

Pit Run - Unprocessed pit material
          Good for driveways, building pads, porous backfill around buildings

          *Funny River Pit Run - 98% 3 inch minus 2% 3 inch to 6 inch rock
                    Good for binding, building pads, driveways
          *Beaver Loop Pit Run - 2 inch minus gravel with a binder
                    Best driveway pit run on the Kenai Peninsula. Packs especially well.
          *Arc Loop Pit Run Similar to Funny River Pit Run, but not as consistent in size
                    Some loads are rockier

Screened and Sized Products
          Screened Sand - 3/8 inch minus (some pea size rocks and some dirt-very little)
                      Great for playgrounds, sandboxes and volleyball courts
                      Used for leveling before concrete
                      Making concrete          
                      Winter sanding

          3/4 inch minus (3/4 inch material and smaller)
                     Walking trails
                     Leveling before pouring
                     Easy to shovel
                     Too sandy for driveways

          1.5 inch minus
                    Good for capping driveways

          Small Sewer Rock (1.5 - 2 inch)
                    Good for sewer system leach fields
                    Decorative rock

          Large Sewer Rock (1.5 to 4 inches)
                    Deep trench (French Drain) sewer systems
                     Erosion protection
                     Ditch lining

          Gabion Rock (4 inch to 12 inch)
                    Erosion control

          Rip Rap (12 inch to 24 inch)
                    Erosion control

Washed and Screened Products
          Washed, Screened Sand (same as screened, but the dirt is washed out)

          Concrete Aggregate aka 1 inch Washed (marble-like, rounded, clean, but can roll under your feet)
                    Walking paths
                     Footing drains
                     Capping drivewayhs 1-2 inches deep

           Small Washed Sewer Rock

Screened and Crushed Products
           3/4 inch Crushed to Dust (has binder in it)
                     Walkways, capping and driveways

           D1 - (Only 75% of large particles over 3/8 inch are fractured) Like Crush to
                     Dust, but not as fractured, there for it's cheaper.
                    Common road product

          1 inch Crushed to Dust (same at 3/4 inch, but is more course)
                     Better for driveways and roads than walkways

           3/4 inch Crushed Chips
                  Premium aggregate
                  Best capping product-must have good base or it will sink into dirt
                  Used around front doors, garages and parking areas
                  It's angular shape makes it stay together better than rounded
                     stones, but not as good as 1 inch Crushed to Dust, but Crushed to
                     Dust can track a bit.         

           Screened Topsoil-(30 to 40% peat, 40-50% silt and topsoil, 10% sand for drainage
                     Lawns, gardens, flower boxes

            Fill Dirt (when available)
                    Cheap fill to raise grade before topsoil is placed